Frequently Asked Questions

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Can we install alchemize on premise?


Where can Alchemize live?

Anywhere you need it installed.

Can it live in the Cloud?


Can we archive our data to another platform with Alchemize?


Can we purge data?


Can I use Alchemize myself?

Yes, with proper training you will be a master Data Alchemist in no time.

Can we perform Archiving while the system is running?


Can you delete data out of a target system?


Can I install Alchemize myself?

Yes, we have an instruction manual and support options, if/as needed.

Do I need training?

Yes, following the methodology is key to having a successful project. We provide training on the consultant’s package and when you implement it successfully.

Can we undo a large job?

Yes, by selecting the redo logs on a job you enable Alchemize to roll the job back no matter how complex or large it is.

Can Alchemize limit the amount of work a DBA is needed to do?

Yes, rolling back jobs limits the typical interactions needed by a DBA, in our experience.

Does Alchemize have the ability to stop in the middle of a large effort?

Yes, this is accomplished by the redo log functionality.

How fast can you move data?

That is a loaded question.

What type of system are we installing on and how efficient are the queries? Which data platform to which data platform?

We can certainly help optimize the rules/queries.

Can you import data from MS Access?

Yes, Alchemize can import data from nearly any data sources.

Can you use Alchemize to import delimited data that is user defined?

Yes, that is built into the CSV import process.

Can I do python scripting?

Yes, scripting is built into the product. Python and Ruby are options and Groovy is on the way.

What OSs can we install Alchemize on?

Alchemize is currently certified on Centos 7 and 8.

Is Alchemize clusterable?

Yes, both vertically and horizontally.

Can I perform an archive while the system is up?

Yes, use the always consistent option.

Can I make one complex statement work for multiple scenarios?

Yes, we do this often and the execution model can turn a migration rule set into an archival ruleset with a few minor tweaks. No need to rebuild or rethink the process, saving time.

What is the fastest way to move data from A to B in Alchemize?

Use the eventually consistent option.