Need to organize very large and complex projects?

Alchemize supports very large and complex projects incorporating multiple systems, multiple business users, and, at times, numerous consultants. The Consultants Package builds on the automatic generation of dynamic reverse engineering capabilities of Alchemize.
Alchemize is the solution to make your cloud modernization a reality.

The effort to convert from system x to system y can sometimes be very complex and can look like the underground piping system of the New York City subway. Data conversions require that business analysts have a lot of information at their disposal to facilitate workshops and make informed decisions. This is where the consultants package has proven incredibly valuable.

The Consultants Package supports the mapping analysts by helping to organize the project and giving them the tools and power to educate the project team about the data modeling requirements. It allows the analysts to choose structures to map, and run meetings. With the Consultants Package, you don’t have to be an Alchemize expert. It’ll keep the project flowing and give SMEs, business owners, and other team members with a diverse range of skills a clear picture of what may be happening “under the hood.”

Every consultant package is created by Alchemize and is also ingested to create the complex structures needed to load a system. This organizes and saves time in an interactive process by allowing team members to work in a tool such as Excel, that most are very familiar with.

Effortless Data Workload with Consultants Package:

The consultants package, paired with Alchemize’s automated data management, streamlines your data workload. Analysts can focus on their expertise by working in the familiar environment of Microsoft Excel. Once prepared, the package is easily sent for upload and test loading within Alchemize. This eliminates the need for analysts to delve into technical details, significantly reducing their workload and accelerating the entire process.

Alchemize is the solution to make your cloud modernization a reality.
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Alchemize is the solution to make your cloud modernization a reality.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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When do you use it?

Whenever you need to map more than a small table, the consultants package allows you to see and organize the effort.

Do I need training?

Yes, following the methodology is key to having a successful project. We provide a short training course on utilizing the consultant’s package and when you implement it successfully.

Does the consultants package split the workload between the business analysts and technical people?

Yes, that is exactly what it does. The business analyst works in a common format (Excel), very little training is required and they can run meetings with the needed information and pass that back to the technical team running Alchemize.