Maxis Technology has the Best Solution For Enterprise Data Challenges

Our flagship product, Alchemize is a state of the art, enterprise data management platform capable of doing in hours what others do in days.
Alchemize is the solution to make your cloud modernization a reality.

Unleash the full potential of your data

Manage ever-demanding business challenges and enable operational efficiencies with the flexibility Alchemize offers. Business mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, retiring legacy applications to implement improved software, sharing data with multiple applications, and archiving non-productive data are a few of the reasons enterprises depend on Alchemize.

Who built it?

Maxis Technology is dedicated to providing solutions-based services for complex database management projects in a rapidly evolving technology landscape. With 12 years of company history and over 100 combined years of problem-solving and industry experience at the helm, we understand the challenges businesses face. From aggressive timelines and cloud migrations to limited budgets or internal staffing expertise, we meet challenges head-on to eliminate problems before they arise.

By integrating our proprietary Alchemize enterprise data tool across our data management services portfolio, we solve the most historically difficult and frustrating problems. Tired of time-consuming performance, larger cost factors, and higher-risk project areas? Just let Alchemize do it. Alchemize removes the human element to systematically automate data and migration activities. Most importantly, Alchemize offers the flexibility to accommodate inherent changes that can occur in project requirements and scope, or when you need to revert or re-do select components. By reducing, or removing these impact factors, we streamline projects for better overall execution, with cost and time reductions up to 80% of traditional project approaches.

Proven experience, cutting-edge AI tools, and our methodology processes – that’s the Maxis Technology difference.