Need to perform a lot of work quickly?

Alchemize’s job controls are capable of combining multiple operations into a massive group, resulting in extremely complex tasks. This translates to doing a lot of work quickly. But what happens if something unexpected happens, or if the system crashes in the middle of a process? Just take a look at the Alchemize job controls.
Alchemize is the solution to make your cloud modernization a reality.

Redo Logs

The Alchemize redo logs keep a history of changes made to the database and enable the user to roll back to a reliable point to start up the operation again. Enabling redo logs when testing is a powerful option enabling the user to reverse potentially very large changes back to their previous state. This can save time and your sanity when the pressure is on.

Restarting Jobs

We have anticipated the issues that may occur when transforming data. What happens when the server or network goes down? Restart small or large jobs immediately right from the Alchemize dashboard!

Resuming Jobs

The redo log capability also gives you the power to resume a job in the middle of executing. The redo logs save the state of the job. When jobs get very large, and some can even take hours or days to run, you must have the capability to resume where you left off.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can we undo a large job?

Yes, by selecting the redo logs on a job you enable Alchemize to roll the job back no matter how complex or large it is.

Can Alchemize limit the amount of work a DBA is needed to do?

Yes, rolling back jobs limits the interactions needed in our experience.

Does Alchemize have the ability to stop in the middle of a large effort?

Yes, this is accomplished by the redo log functionality.